Happy New Year!

It is time to say farewell to 2012 and give a warm welcome to the brand new 2013. This past year was for me full of big changes, both personal and business. Absolutely crazy and hectic at times and really challenging, but full of inspiration at the same time. I feel like my photography has become something more of a creative storytelling and I enjoy shooting weddings now more then ever. In 2012 I got to work with some of the most amazing couples in wonderful locations and I'm really looking forward sharing my favourite bits with you in coming blog posts. Unfortunately, the blog was one of the things that got neglected last year, so please forgive me. I'll make sure to bring you up to date in the next few months though, so watch this space.

For 2013 I wish you all a lot of love, friendships, happiness, energy and inspiration. I also want to thank my dear friends who supported me and helped me to through the most difficult parts of 2012. I wouldn't have done it without you.