Engagement Photography

Mandy & Zhengyi - styled engagement shoot

Mandy & Zhengyi wrote to me from the far away Singapore. It can be tricky sometimes to get to know people over the internet, but with them I felt like we connected after only a few emails. We were talking about the inspiration for the shoot and when they mentioned that the first book that they read together was 'Norwegian Wood' by Haruki Murakami I knew we would understand each other perfectly. Together with Deirdre from Bridal Lounge we started coming up with concepts and soon everything started coming together. We used descriptions from the book to create the mood of the shoot. Rosa, who is an expert in period styling came on board to create the 60s hair and makeup for Mandy. Even my cat Arsenic decided to become involved, starring as Seagull - the cat of Toru Watanabe, the main character in the book.

It is hard to say whether Mandy & Zhengyi were more excited about playing with the cat or by wearing winter coats that Dee picked up for the shoot, something they don't really get a chance to do back in sunny Singapore, but we all had a great time together sipping warm tea and chatting between shots in the dreamy, autumnal Wicklow Mountains.

I'm really excited to share their story with you and if you haven't read Murakami's books yet, I highly recommend you pick up 'Norwegian Wood' from your local book store and get lost in the story one of these long wintery evenings, ideally with a cat curled on your lap!